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Table tennis gala of legends
Jan-Ove Waldner & Jörgen Persson


The two are among the most famous and most successful table tennis players of all time, who managed the almost impossible during their active time: to break through the dominance of the Chinese in world table tennis for a whole decade.

This fantastic show by these Swedish table tennis icons offers pure entertainment. World champion and Olympic champion Jan-Ove Waldner has earned the nickname "Mozart of table tennis" with his inimitable playing style, the "backhand whip" of world champion Jörgen Persson also became world famous.

The two faced each other twice at the World Championships in singles finals, once the winner was Waldner and once Persson. Waldner was even able to win the World Championships again 6 years later, and he crowned his career with the Olympic victory in the individual. Together they have won countless World Cup titles with the team, it would be too long to list the many titles at European level.

The importance and the uniqueness of their successes can only really be appreciated today. After all, for the past 20 years there have only been Chinese world champions!!

You can experience the whole beauty of table tennis in the exhibition match between the two. Admire a feeling for the ball that is second to none, just great entertainment with the living legends of table tennis.

No matter where in Europe Waldner and Persson have performed in the past, the halls have always been full and the spectators enthusiastic!

The event lasts about 2 hours. There will be a preliminary program in which the stars compete against their local heroes. After a short break, the highlight of the evening follows, the game between Waldner and Persson.

 If you soon z. B. celebrate an anniversary, this gala could be a special highlight.